Saturday, December 9

Polar Bear Ornaments

 I've been embroidering these little Christmas ornaments for my sister's class children.
It's become a bit of a tradition.Last year was the first time I made an ornament for each child.
I made twenty one ornaments this year. I hope the package reaches on time.
Hope your plans for Christmas are coming together nicely.
The weather is beautiful, typical December weather - bright warm days and chilly cold nights. Had to start using hot water bottles last night.
Have a great weekend. 

Wednesday, November 15

New Beginnings

Three weeks of October our routine was thrown off course when the caretakers simply upped and left one fine day, after getting their Diwali bonus. It was a nightmare to deal with guests, cooking, washing,cleaning and taking care of the dogs.
There was no time to update my blog or work on any of my projects.
There's so much truth to the quote
'New Beginnings are often disguised as painful endings...'  Lao Tzu  
There were days when I would despair and wonder if we would find good trustworthy people who would love the dogs and I must say I have to learn from the dear husband's 'can do and everything is going to be fine attitude'. He sure was a pillar of strength and support. 
Since the 1st of November we have got good help and I can sit down and try to complete some of my projects. 

The image above shows where I've got to in the 1 year of Stitches Challenge. The end of 2017 is fast approaching and there's still considerable amounts of blank fabric waiting to be filled  with stitches but I can do something about that. I'm saying that from a stress free position unlike the three weeks where I was like a headless chicken. The three weeks taught me some valuable lessons.
There's always scope to simplify our lives further.
Learn new skills and be more self reliant.
Angels exist.
Help comes from unexpected sources.
There is so much to be grateful for.

To New Beginnings. Cheers!
I hope you have a good week.     

Sunday, September 17

Progress on the Stamp Quilt

Harsha's contribution. Harsha is a letter writer and these stamps came from her stash of letters and cards. 
 Here's what I got from Deena in Washington DC.Deena got to know about my project from a friend who  sent her the link to my post about the postage stamp quilt. I'm so touched Deena, by your generosity.
Deena must have an impressive stamp collection because she inherited her great grandmother's stamp album which was published in the United States in 1920. Deena herself started collecting stamps and adding to her collection in 2012 and friends and family have been sending her stamps.
She's also the recipient of a stamp collection which a friend gave her. It belonged to missionaries who lived in Taiwan and the Philippines.
Deena I'd love to see your stamp collection some day and hear all the stories associated with the stamps which are so fascinating.
Deena has sent me stamps from Canada, the USA,Philippines,Hong Kong, France and China.
Like a quilt which began as a thrift activity and there would be stories associated with each piece of fabric , this stamp quilt or quilts which I make is not going to be just stamps joined together to create a pretty pattern but a collection of stories as well.
I've managed to remount and stitch around all the stamps Harsha donated. Since they were multiple Gandhi stamps and  few others I've started arranging them - in a nine patch. Should I make a block of a certain size? and then stitch the blocks together? Or should it be like a crazy quilt, different sizes together? So many questions.
In the mean time I have to start with Deena's stamps this week.
Not sure when I'll start 'piecing' the quilt together.

Wednesday, September 6

Project 105

During one of my blog hops I came across Project 105.  
I forget the actual route of my blog hop but the discovery of P.M. Neist and Project 105  was well worth the meander.
P.M. Neist says of the project 'Art is meant to connect us to each other. It is a privilege and honor to share my art.'
Giveaway #10 - The Seer's Dog.
The Seer's Dog reminded me of my own pet, Blackie and I requested P. M. Neist to consider me for this particular piece of art. She was generous enough to send it half way across the world to Coonoor.
I particularly like the way embroidery is incorporated into the original artwork.
The illustration of Gus came carefully sandwiched between sheets of paper and cardboard and wrapped in a map with a card and a handmade gift tag. Absolutely delightful, did you know I'm partial to maps P. M. Neist?
Thank you for your generosity. It's wonderful to have met you. I'll be framing your illustration and placing it where all those who visit our home will get a chance to admire it.

Saturday, August 26

A New Project - Postage Stamp Quilts

One of those days while browsing the images on Pinterest I happened to come across postage stamp quilts and this got me thinking. 
I like to work with paper as much as I like to work with fabric and with my tiny collection of postage stamps I decided to use them to make an actual postage stamp quilt.   
.First Step: Sort through stamps. I found stamps to be clustered together and it was just a couple which were individual stamps which had sufficient paper of the envelope on all four sides.
So with one stamp I just tore the paper away so I had this uneven edge and did a simple blanket stitch all around.
With two others I used a metal scale as a guide and tore the envelope paper away on all four sides. I got a frayed edge but it was a straight edge rather than an uneven edge.
For the sake of symmetry and else of joining the stamps together I decided to go along with the second method.  
Step 2 : Soak  all stamps clustered together or with insufficient paper on all four sides in water. 
Step 3 : Remount dried stamps on discarded envelopes. Stitch around each stamp with blanket stitch and I put the name of the person from whom I got a card or letter. I've decided I'll put down the country as well.
A wealth of inspiration on Pinterest

There are so many ideas I'd like to try but unfortunately I don't have sufficient stamps to try them out with.
I've put the word out to family to collect any and every stamp that they or their friends and colleagues get and can spare and send them to me.
Would you like to contribute postage stamps to my project? Leave a comment and I'll share my postal address with you.
I'll put your name and the country you are from on the reverse. It will be very interesting to see the reverse of the finished quilt. A patchwork pattern of colours. 
I'll wait until the end of October to lay out all that I receive before I start the composition of my first quilt.A small baby quilt. It would be great to make one with flowers, or birds. 
In the meantime I'll be working on the stamps I have and what I can gather locally.

A long weekend here in India. Have a great week.

Wednesday, August 16

Irreverent quotes

I've been in the habit of scribbling down quotes in notebooks since I was in school. Never did anything with them. My mother is discovering them now when she flips through the odd book she finds.
Once I discovered embroidered cushions with irreverent quotes on Pinterest I decided I was going to embroider quotes irreverent, sarcastic or otherwise and get them framed.   
 This will be an ongoing project.
I intend getting them framed.Let's see if I can find some place to display and sell them here in Coonoor. No stores or galleries in this town.
I have a glass fronted cupboard in our B n B where I'll put them for our guests to view and hopefully they will want to buy. At present the cupboard is bare. Need to  stitch a little quicker I think.
Have a good week.